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Erosion Control

The new requirements of many cities and other governing agencies place a huge demand on builders and small developers. Our services are geared to assume this burden, from a simple erosion control plan, QSP services including weekly site visits to ensure compliance with your SWPPP plan and the construction General Permit to de-watering structures and on-site maintenance.

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SWPPP inspections & reporting

Marshall Brothers has a staff of Certified Qualified SWPPP Practitioners (QSPs) that are capable of assisting you in maintaining compliance with the provisions of Construction General Permit. We will perform the necessary site visits, testing and reporting to ensure that you are in compliance.

Erosion control products

We stock a full range of erosion control products at all times. These include: silt fence, straw wattles, excelsior matting, jute mesh, and geo-textiles.


Our dispatch can provide skilled operators, foremen, and laborers to install all erosion control products and services, including hydro-seeding.

Slope & slide stabilization

Our field crews have extensive experience in slope and slide stabilization. If a major fissure occurs, we can mobilize a crew within hours to effect emergency repairs.


In addition to installation services, we provide maintenance services on an as-needed basis, or on weekly schedules.

Emergency services

Call our 24-hour service line for an immediate response to any type of emergency service: (925) 449-4020.